Saturday, January 09, 2010

top one tomorrow

alrighty babessss, im finally going for my singing tomorrow! hahaha plus it will be in good company: ALLEYSSS!!! AWESOME. i love it. i cant wait! beyonce songs man, finally i can scream and shout.

i feel like changing my blogskin.
i feel like im a super boring person.
i feel totally weird.

i have so many things to do and so little time.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

i love my facebook status: europe is addictive, i havent once stopped thinking about it. BRING ME TO EUROPE! on the thirteenth day of christmas, my true love gave to immigration pass into london.

i miss badly. sigh, enough of europe for awhile.

so we've embarked on a highly ambitious trek, zombie movie by the end of jan (im guessing). loving the script BUT racking the brains for the effects. how the heavens are we going to produce that much blood and gunshots man...?! anyways, it doesn't really matter. cause i think its cool we're still trying to keep in touch with our media souls and even if we fail (come on...what depicts failure?), i will still insist that we've done a great job! im kinda looking forward to it!! woohoo! more updates about the showwww: we've tried the zombie make-up and blood and it looks awesome! our script is almost done and its really not badddd, we've had so many meetings and it feels like something good is about to come out of it! so yes, alot of good feelings about it...and of course the bad feelings too! but lets not go into those! haha!

second: work!
TIRING.....coming back to work from a long holiday is no good at all, i didnt have much mood for work..and now that its jan already, it means the business will be picking up and no more time for rest man. bugger. i wish i would buck up and try and keep up so that when its december again, i can chill and prepare for christmas! i miss christmas! im definitely going back to europe next year, london, i MUST!

wednesday night out with the alleys! dinner! saturday out singing with the alleys as well! im looking forward to both! i am super bored out of my life! i wish i had something interesting i could do! oh! i have to go for my diving lessons! shitttt, and i havent finished chapter 1 of my book! and i havent reviewed my japanese lessons for last year! omggggg, so little time, so much to do! work as well, too many files to clear, too little time to clear it. ah bugger. let the shit come.. i wanna be a future billionaire! MUAHAHAHAH!

ok loves all,

Sunday, November 29, 2009

like seriously, i am really stressed out.

aw mann, my boss is going on holiday on tuesday and i have a tonne of things to do! how the heaven am i going to finish my work!

1. handle the operations
2. clear my files because the bloody auditors are coming in i think tomorrow!!! (i have about 50 files to clear!!!???!!!?!?!?!?!?)
3. clear my invoices
4. do my contracts
5. handle my traders

omggggg, i just got a phonecall from our supplier, something is wrong with our vessel. omg im so stressed i wanna die.......noooo......

i am so dead tired omg...what can i do? back to work...

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